Refurbish and renew

Our approach to circularity and sustainability

Our choices

According to the EPA, roughly 10 million tons of furniture are landfilled every year in the United States. Baby furniture and gear should be made to last, rather than designed as single-use products. Our collection is curated to highlight premium products that are upheld by responsible innovation, contributing to a sustainable future.

How we refurbish

We carefully select our products for their safety, quality and durability. At the end of your subscription, we complete a five-step tune up to get them ready for their next user. Our five steps: inspection and disassembly, deep clean, small blemish touchup, necessary part replacements, and lastly, a final safety check. Good to go.

Our recycling process

When it's time to retire our products, we dismantle them and recycle as many of the parts as possible. Our goal is to cut back on the amount of baby products going to landfills.