Our COVID-19 safety precautions

The health and safety of our customers and employees is always our priority. All ottobie employees wear masks during our white-glove delivery and pickup services.

We continually monitor the public health situation based on CDC guidance and adjust our precautions accordingly.

Membership & subscriptions

An annual membership is free and grants access to all subscriptions, includes free delivery, free pickup and select ottobie studio services. All crib subscriptions include a new mattress.

Your free membership automatically renews each year and can be discontinued at any time as long as there are no active subscriptions in your account.

1) Create an account and enroll in a membership.

2) Browse and shop for the items you need.

3) Add your subscriptions to your basket and check out.

4) You’ll be given delivery options and we will follow up with confirmation.

5) Use your items for as long as you need, you’ll be billed monthly and when you’re finished we’ll come pick them up. It’s that easy.

One month is the minimum time required for each subscription. Although every baby’s growth and progress are different, we can provide an estimate (in months) that you will likely use your items. This is based on our research, experience and data from consumer usage.

You are charged for your subscription's first month at checkout. After that, your subscription will be charged monthly starting from one month after your delivery date.

Your subscription ends when the item is picked up. We want to provide flexibility based on your baby's needs, which is why you aren't required to commit to a number of months up front.

When you are finished with your products, just call us or send an email and we will schedule the pickup. We just ask for 7 days in order to accommodate.

Our objective is to remove the hassles of ownership and to promote sustainable practices through multiple cycles of use for single products. But we understand you may want to keep your subscription item(s). In this case, please call or email us to discuss ownership charges.

Delivery & pickup

We currently deliver and pick up across the San Francisco Bay Area in the following counties: San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, Marin, Napa, Sonoma and Solano. Check here for the full zip code list.

We deliver between 8am-7pm, Monday through Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday. Upon checkout you will be asked to select an option for delivery date and time. We will contact you in advance of this to confirm details.

Yes. We want you to select a time that's most convenient for you. After checkout you will have the ability to select a preferred delivery date, which we will do our best to accommodate. We will contact you to confirm and finalize critical details (insurance, elevators, general building access etc.)

Prior to your delivery date, we will contact you to finalize all critical details (insurance, elevators, general building access, arrival window, etc.)

On delivery day, our team will arrive, assemble and place your items. To minimize the interruption, we will complete the assembly of your items as much as possible prior to arriving. 

Before we leave, we'll be sure to provide a quick tutorial for you to safely use your products.

You may reach out to us directly to reschedule, either by email or phone. A delivery cancellation within 6 hours of the start of the scheduled delivery time will be subject to a $45 charge.

If a delivery attempt is made at the scheduled time and you are not present to accept the delivery, we will charge a $75 "no-show" fee. We are more than happy to reschedule a new time when you are able to accept the delivery.

To maintain everyone’s safety and health, our delivery team is equipped with protective masks, gloves and will complete a final disinfecting wipe-down of your gear/furniture as a last step before leaving. In place of a delivery confirmation, a text message will be sent to you for an electronic approval.

Where possible, we can complete a doorstep delivery based on the product type. For example, most high chairs and strollers are eligible for doorstep delivery, whereas cribs need to be assembled on location. We will inform you about the doorstep delivery options when confirming your delivery date. 

When you are ready to have your subscription items picked up, just give us a call or send an email. We ask for a minimum of 7 days notice prior to your preferred pickup date, and we will schedule as close as possible to the desired time.

We appreciate the thought but ask that you share your feedback instead. After delivery, you will receive a short survey and we'd love you to share your experience with us.

Product usage & maintenance

We provide simple instructions for easy product care while it is in your possession. We understand our products are meant to be used, and appreciate your cooperation in maintaining their longevity.

Some of our products require setting adjustments during the subscription period (for example, a crib mattress height is typically adjusted two or three times within a 9-month period.) Most of our products are easy to adjust and can be done on your own, but we are happy to assist with instructions over the phone. For extensive adjustments, our delivery team will be on hand to complete necessary adjustments in person. Products that likely require adjustments during the subscription period are specified in the product page as well as in the order confirmation.

Our products are meant to be used. Normal wear and tear is a fact of life with babies and something we understand from our own experience. If an item is accidentally broken or ceases to function properly, please give us a call and we will evaluate next steps with you.

We do not. Our pricing reflects an aggregate value of the product and the detailed five-step refurbishing process. We ensure our products can be maintained to Ottobie standards and have accounted for this in the subscription rates.

Returns & exchanges

We understand you may change your mind and would be happy to find another product which suits your needs. Returns made up to 5 days from the subscription start date will not be charged. Within the first subscription month, returns made after 5 days from the subscription start date will be charged the amount of one month for the subscription.

As your membership covers delivery and pickup, the pickup for a return item will not incur any charges.

Reuse & recycling

Our products are carefully curated and selected not only for their safety and good design, but also for their durability. 

One of our founding principles is to minimize the amount of waste resulting from the baby products market. We have selected products which can be properly refurbished to lengthen their lifespan and reduce our overall consumption footprint.

A five-step refurbishing process is completed after every subscription. The five steps: inspection and disassembly, deep cleaning of all parts, treatment of blemishes, necessary part replacement, and finally a complete safety check.

We refurbish our items as long as safety and durability standards are maintained, in addition to preservation of their design aesthetic. When items are no longer suitable for reuse, we disassemble them, recycle all parts where possible and make every effort to avoid adding waste to landfill.

All crib subscriptions come with a new mattress. If you choose to not keep the mattress at the end of your subscription, we will pick it up and recycle it for you.